Past Events


Lumis Enzymes Exhibited at Poultry India, Hyderabad
Lumis Enzymes Exhibited at Latin American Poultry Congress, Peru
LUMIS ENZYMES - Technical Seminar in South America
Lumis Enzymes Exhibits at Space, France
Lumis Enzymes - Technical Seminar in India
Lumis Enzymes Exhibits at SIAVS, Brazil
Lumis Enzymes - Technical Seminar, Philippines
Lumis Enzymes - Technical Seminar, Thailand
Lumis Enzymes exhibited at VIV Turkey
Lumis Enzymes exhibited at VIV, Asia
Lumis Enzyme's events in Brazil and Philippines
Lumis Enzymes customer Meet, Turkey
Lumis Enzymes - S.E Asia Distributor Meet, Thailand
Lumis Enzymes exhibited at International Poultry and Processing Expo (IPPE) in Atlanta, USA


Lumis Enzymes exhibits at Eurotier, Germany
Lumis Enzymes distributor exhibits in Egypt
Lumis Enzymes conducts seminars & customer visits in Korea
Lumis Enzymes distributor exhibits at IPEX, Pakistan
Lumis Enzymes at Space Exhibition, France
Lumis Enzymes sponsors event in Turkey
Lumis collaborates with Mr. Cedric Meymarian and Ms. Helene Briand for their feed enzyme development in North African countries
Lumis conducted customer seminar in Bolivia
Lumis Enzymes at VIV Europe
Lumis Enzymes Sponsored Feedadditives Asia
Lumis distributors exhibit at S.E Asia
Lumis enzymes conducts distributor training in Vietnam
Lumis enzymes exhibited at International Farmers Summit Philippines
Lumis Enzymes exhibited at International Poultry and Processing Expo (IPPE) in Atlanta, USA


Lumis held technical seminars and trainings in Vietnam
Lumis conducted technical seminar and training in Indonesia
Lumis Enzymes at the Poultry Show in Philippines
Lumis Enzymes at IPEX, Pakistan
Lumis exhibited at the VIV, Turkey
Lumis Enzymes exhibited at the VIV Asia 2017
Lumis Enzymes exhibited at the world’s poultry science association at Bangladesh
Lumis exhibited in MVC at Moscow, Russia
Lumis Enzymes conducted technical seminars and customer visits across Bangladesh
Lumis Enzymes exhibited at International Poultry and Processing Expo (IPPE) in Atlanta, USA


Lumis brings on board Dr. Luciano Andriguetto to steer its Americas feed enzyme sales
Lumis appoints Mr. Nicklas Jonow as the Strategic Marketing Advisor, expands footprint in Asia-Pacific.
Lumis exhibited in INAHGEN, Farmers Congress at Manila, Philippines
Lumis collaborates with Mr. Tanin Yilmaz to support the growth of their feed enzymes sales for Europe/Turkey
Lumis participated in a distributor seminar in Beijing, China
Lumis conducted a technical meet in Russia
Lumis exhibited in international production and processing expo (IPPE) at Georgia, Atlanta, USA
Lumis organized a seminar for PHILSAN members at Manila, Philippines
Lumis held multiple seminars across Latin America
Lumis organized a seminar in Bangkok, Thailand
Lumis conducted a Seminar in General Santos, Philippines
Lumis held a seminar in South East Asia
Lumis took part in 25th National Hog Convention & Trade Exhibits, Philippines
Lumis arranged distributor training and customer meetings in Malaysia
Lumis exhibited in IPEX, Lahore, Pakistan
Lumis Exhibited at Eurotier in Hannover, Germany
Lumis conducted distributor training and customer visits in Bangladesh


Lumis exhibited in International Production and processing Expo (IPPE) at Georgia, Atlanta, USA
Lumis participated in VIV Bangkok, Thailand
Lumis exhibited in VIV Istanbul, Turkey
Lumis took part in VIV Moscow, Russia