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Lumis Enzymes, one of the foremost enzyme manufacturer belongs to the K-Genix Health Care Group established in 1945. The core focus of K-Genix business conglomerate is in the health care and biotech sectors. 







Lumis Enzymes has a long history of launching several novel enzyme concepts by being an integral part of the development chain rather than a supply chain. Lumis is continuously gaining further growth opportunities through its unique enzyme customization and establishing its competitive position in the field of animal feed.



Our vision

Our primary vision is to reach the acme through enzyme innovations that would set new benchmarks of quality, customer satisfaction and economical solutions.


Group Companies

Manufacturing Technology

Lumis, with its own culture bank of industrially potent strains (fungal and bacterial), focuses on producing robust enzymes coupled with unique side activities that are stable at wide pH and temperature conditions. These characteristics are quintessential for optimum efficiency of enzymes on various types of feed ingredients and application conditions.


Quality & Ethics


"The quality of a leader is reflected in the standards they set for themselves"
Being part of a pharmaceutical group, Lumis has naturally incorporated the highest quality and safety standards in all its manufacturing practices. Since inception, quality has been the driving force and the key to its growth and success.

Research and Development

Our R & D centre is driven by technological excellence, high caliber human resources and a passion to deliver quality products with speed and consistency in a cost effective manner. We at Lumis, concentrate on developing superior quality, customer specific and unique enzymes through enzyme fermentation technology that cater to the ever changing needs of the feed industry.